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Editorial Team: Marc Da Silva, Natalia Gameson, Anthony Ferreira, Dino Wilson and Zoe Rice.
Our team of property journalists have worked in the property industry for a number of years. They have written for a wide range of publications - print and online - providing regular independent property news and features. 
Natalia Gameson
Ex-Show House assistant editor Natalia Gameson has written property articles for The Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Homes Overseas, Jet2Let, Which? and Click here to contact Natalia Gameson. Click here to contact Natalia Gameson.
Marc Da Silva
Marc Da Silva has written property features for a host of publications, including the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Sunday Business Post, The Times, Homes Overseas, A Place in the Sun, Show House, Citywire, Property Investor News, OPP, among many others. Click here to contact Marc Da Silva
Anthony Ferreira
Anthony Ferreira, a property and investment specialist, has written property news and feature articles for a number of European property websites and magazines. He is currently based in Madeira, Portugal. Click here to contact Anthony Ferreira.
Dino Wilson
Dino Wilson started his property writing career with Tailored Home and has since gone on to write for various UK and overseas property portals. Click here to contact Dino Wilson.
Zoe Rice
Property news reporter Zoe Rice started her career as a radio presenter before moving into property journalism. She has written for Homes Overseas, Tailored Home, Escape, International Property and Successful Renting. Click here to contact Zoe Rice.
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